INO chef 7

INO chef 7

Griddle and fryer elite cleaner

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INO olfa 2965

INO olfa 2965

Odor Neutralizer - Elite 30 day refills - [...]

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INO olfa
INO olfa 2479

Air Freshener - INO Elite 90-day Refills - French Kiss.

The INO Elite 90-day refills are an important component of the strongest odour control system available on the market today. Ideally, the ultra concentrated refills are used with the INO Elite Pro 90 dispenser. They are also compatible with other dispensers on the market. When using with the INO Elite Pro 90 dispenser, set the control at 90. When using with other models of dispenser, follow the manufacturer’s instructions in order to obtain a shot every 45 minutes.

Product can be used in all rooms and locations requiring a quality odour control solution using aerosol cans.

Format(s) 6 x 150 gr.
Odour/perfume/fragrance French kiss
Propellant CFC-free mix
  • 3,000 shots or one shot every 45 minutes for a 90-day period.
  • 1 refill is enough to replace three (3) conventional 30-day refills.
  • It is an innovative systems of ultra concentrated fragrance and odour neutralizers.
  • Size made for the INO Elite Pro 90 dispenser.
  • Requires three times less metallic cans which means less post-consumption waste in the environment.
  • Install a refill in an INO Elite Pro 90 dispenser and forget it for 90 days.
  • This refill saves time and money.
  • Contains four times less V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compound) content.

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INO really changed the way of sanitary approvisionnals. Their vision of the market place them in an incomparably good position to serve your interests.

Bernie Brown
Brown Facilities

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