Our promise

Reliable products, concrete results, uncompromising warranty and guaranteed satisfaction. This is what all customers of INO Solutions get. The INO Solutions line of products encompasses many different families of top quality professional hygiene solutions. From our INO Derm hand or hair and body soaps and shampoo, our INO Bano bathroom solutions, our INO Chef kitchen and food industry cleaners to the INO Eko family of ecological cleaners and disinfectants, you will discover reliable superior quality solutions


Full Satisfaction guarantee.

  • Try out an INO Solutions product and if you are not fully satisfied you will be completely reimbursed without question.

Terms and Conditions

  • Please contact and return the product to the retail outlet or distributer where you made your purchase.For all questions relating to the INO Solutions guarantee policy do not hesitate to contact us by email at info@inosolutions.net or by telephone toll free at 1-866-INO-SOLU.

Our promise.

  • A reliable product, perfect results, an uncompromising guarantee, and satisfaction guaranteed. This is what all users of INO Solutions will benefit from.


INO really changed the way of sanitary approvisionnals. Their vision of the market place them in an incomparably good position to serve your interests.

Bernie Brown

Brown Facilities