INO bano 3

INO bano 3

Glass and window cleaner

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INO bano 2

Glass and Chrome Elite Cleaner

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INO bano 6

Cleaner degreaser disinfectant

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INO bano
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INO-BA7-946 / INO-BA7-4

Bowl, urinal and porcelain cleaner

This cleaner is a unique formulation designed to effectively and effortlessly clean bowls, urinals and porcelain sinks. It has a mild acid base that makes it an all-purpose cleaner for porcelain and tile.

Appearance Viscous opaque liquid
Color Turquoise Blue
Format(s) 12 x 946 ml ou 4 x 4L
Gravity 1.100 - 1.130
Odour/perfume/fragrance Wintergreen
pH 1.0 - 2.0
Solids (% Brix) 19 - 20%
Viscosity (cps) 3000 - 4500
  • Thick lotion clings to all vertical surfaces rendering cleaning fast and scrub-free.
  • Cleans and deodorizes in one application.
  • Effectively removes hard water deposits, soap scum and urine salts.
  • Cleans –Descales–Deodorizes.
  • Will not harm plumbing systems.
  • Use only on acid-resistant surfaces.
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  • Bowls
  • Urinals
  • Porcelain sinks

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INO really changed the way of sanitary approvisionnals. Their vision of the market place them in an incomparably good position to serve your interests.

Bernie Brown
Brown Facilities

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