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INO derm 3

Hair and body shampoo

The INO derm 3 Hair and Body Shampoo contains smooth natural surfactants for gentle cleansing, leaving a delightful smoothness feeling. This soap produces a rich and creamy lather to eliminate dirt and leave skin and hair clean and fresh with a pleasant smell. The sanitary product can also be used at home and in kindergartens The easy-to-rinse formula contains no synthetic agent. The surfactants are biodegradable as per standard 301D of the ŒCD. The container is completely recyclable.

Appearance Translucide liquid
Color Blue
Format(s) 4 L
Gravity 1.050
Odour/perfume/fragrance Fruity
pH 7.0 0.2
Solids (% Brix) 10.5%
  • Produces a rich creamy lather.
  • Contains smooth and natural surfactant soaps with glycerine.
  • Delightful fruity fragrance.
  • The surfactants are biodegradable as per standard 301D of the ŒCD.
  • Easy-to-rinse formula leaves a revitalized feeling.
  • Can be used in most bulk dispensers and in most showers.
  • Contains no synthetic surfactant.
  • Container is completely recyclable.

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  • Shower rooms
  • Athletic facilities
  • Private clubs
  • Schools
  • Gyms
  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Restaurants
  • Industrial or commercial food processing plants
  • Public washrooms


INO Solutions are really the Best Value on the sanitary and JANSAN Market.

Robert Lavigne
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