INO aero 950

INO aero 950

Dust mop treatment

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INO chef 3

INO chef 3

Disinfectant and sanitizer

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INO chef 7

INO chef 7

Griddle and fryer elite cleaner

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INO chef
INO chef 2
INO-CH2-4 / INO-CH2-20 / INO-CH2-210

Degreaser deodorant elite cleaner

This is a powerful, non-butyl degreaser formulated to remove all hydrocarbon, animal and vegetable based oils and greases. The product is an optimal blend of the most advanced wetting agents and emulsifiers. Use this elite cleaner at varied dilution rates for heavy duty degreasing on all type of mildew and fungus.

Appearance Clear liquid
Color Orange pink
Format(s) 4 X 4 L / 20L
pH 12.8 - 13.8
Solids (% Brix) 10 - 11%
  • Designed to effectively emulsify and suspend both liquid and solid particulate soils such as grime and carbon.
  • Contains a proven odour counterfactant designed to attack odour causing bacteria, mildew and fungus.
  • Use it at varied dilution rates for heavy duty degreasing on all type of industrial equipment and parts as well as a general purpose cleaner for all hard surfaces.
  • Authorized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for use in registered establishments.
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Food industryBuildingsIndustrial

Dilution rate

Hard work 1:2
Moderate work 1:8
Light work 1:40

Price List

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  • Hydrocarbon
  • Animal oils
  • Vegetal oils
  • Restaurants
  • kitchens

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INO Bio products are real performing products. We really appreciate their finishes.

Mike Dean
Dean & Dean Inc.

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