INO shine 350

INO shine 350

Tire protector

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INO chef
INO chef 40
INO-WW40-10 / INO-WW40-10

Powdered presoak

A heavy duty alkali cleaner used in soak tank to soften and remove food soils from ceramic, melamine, stainless steel and silver flatware.Make a solution of 12.5 gm/litre (2 oz./gal) of presoak in water at 60C (140F). (This is approximately 2 tablespoons per gallon.) Use a container lined with aluminum foil for silverware. (Aluminum is not required for stainless flatware.) Completely immerse soiled flatware and allow to soak for 10 minutes. After soaking, wash in usual manner.
SOAK CLEANER: Use presoak at a concentration of 12.5 mL/litre (2 oz./gal) of water at 60C (140F).

Appearance Free flowing powder
Color Off white
Format(s) 10 KG
pH 11
  • A free-flowing, off-white powder which is PROPERTIES: non-dusting and non-caking.
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Food industryIndustrial

Dilution rate

1:80 to 1:125

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  • Flatware detarnished
  • Do not use to clean aluminum utensils

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