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Biotechnological Agri Degreaser.

Approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, this biotechnological agri degreaser solubilizes and hydrolizes greases and organic oils in a remarkable fashion. Designed for use on all surfaces that come in contact with food produce. These surfaces must be rinsed with potable water before being used again. This product surpasses all existing international environmental certification standards and can easily be used in any Go Green or LEED programs.

Color Neutral blue food coloring
Format(s) 4 x 4L and 20 L
Odour/perfume/fragrance Oudourless
  • Certified Environmental Choice by Environment Canada according to CCD-110
  • Non corrosive, safe for skin.
  • Over 90% biodegradable in les than 14 days.
  • Dœs not harm metallic surfaces.
  • Dœs not generate any of the hypersensitivity associated to chloramines.
  • No harmful vapours.
  • Cleaning and degreasing compounds biologically based standard.
  • Ideal in the food and food transformation industries.
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Food industry

Dilution rate

Spray 1:150
Soaking Agent 1:150
Foaming system 1:100

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  • Kitchen surfaces.
  • Food contact.

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INO really changed the way of sanitary approvisionnals. Their vision of the market place them in an incomparably good position to serve your interests.

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