Suds control agent

Ingredient that ensures optimum sudsing (foaming) level needed for a cleaning job.

Starch, fabric finish or sizing

Product used in the final rinse or after drying to give body to fabrics, make them more soil-resistant and make ironing easier.


Product reducing the level of micro-organisms present by significant numbers or to acceptable levels established by health authorities.


We're sorry, definition is available in french only. Please refer to the word "Assouplissant".


Maintenance method for removal of floor finish using chemical and abrasive/machined action. After the stripping operation, the floors are rinsed thoroughly before applying fresh coats of floor polish.

Suds suppressor

Ingredient that controls sudsing where suds would interfere with cleaning action.

Shower cleaner

Product that prevents build-up of soap scum, mildew stains and hard water deposits without rinsing, wiping or scrubbing, and without leaving a dull residue or streaks. The products contain surfactants to help clean and prevent soap scum and hard water deposits and to aid water in sheeting off shower surfaces. Some products contain builders or chelates, and alcohol or solvents to assist in the continual cleaning process. Some also contain antimicrobial agents to kill germs, including mould and mildew.

Spray buffing

Maintenance procedure used to restore a worn/ dull floor finish to a glossy appearance using a lower RPM floor machine (175300), special buffing pad, and special product. A typical spray buff operation consists of spraying a fine mist of spray buff product onto a section of floor, then using a floor machine equipped with a buffing pad to buff the floor finish to a gloss.

Scrub and recoat

Maintenance method where additional coats of floor finish are applied without prior stripping of old coats of finish. The floor is prepared by using a detergent solution and a floor machine equipped with a scrubbing pad, usually blue or green or an equivalent brush, to deep clean the floor. Once the floor is dry, 2 coats of floor finish are applied.


Ingredient that prevents separation or deterioration of ingredients in liquid products, dissolve organic soils and clean without leaving residue.

Suds stabilizer

ingredient that maintains high sudsing where suds level is an important indicator of cleaning power.


Ingredient in soaps and detergents that makes liquids foam.

Spot treatment

Using a cleaning product on a small spot.