Green Seal

Green Seal is an American non-profit environmental labelling organization that awards a «Green Seal of Approval» to products found to cause significantly less harm to the environment than other similar products. The Green Seal certification mark, a blue globe with a green check, identifies those products which are environmentally preferable, empowering consumers to choose products based on their environmental impacts. Green Seal believes in the power of consumers, both individual and institutional, to change the world. Every time a product is purchased, a vote is cast for or against the Earth.

Green Seal develops environmental standards for consumer products through a public review process involving manufacturers, environmental organizations, consumer groups and government agencies. Products are certified only after rigorous testing and evaluation. Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is the primary testing contractor for Green Seal.

Go Green

The BOMA Go Green Environmental Certification program is a voluntary program designed for existing or occupied buildings. It is offered by BOMA Canada as a service to all member and non-member commercial building owners. It is not the intent of this program to direct building owners on how to manage their buildings, but simply to recognize those buildings where environmental best practices have been implemented into the operations.


A combination of visual perceptions that promote the appearance of a lustrous high gloss shine. In reference to UHS systems, this is called the “Wet Look”. Other terms used when describing gloss include: Depth, Clarity, Uniformity, Reflectance, Distinctness of Image, Sheen, and Hue.

Glass cleaner

Product containing surfactants to loosen soil, solvents to dissolve oily soils, and water as the medium to carry surfactants and solvents. Builders are included to remove heavier soils, especially oily soils. Alkaline builders, such as ammonia, are more effective on acidic soils like body oils or cooking grease. Acetic acid (vinegar) provides better performance on alkaline soils like mineral salts. Opaque creamy glass cleaners contain surfactants and solvents. They also contain colloidal clays and silica, which absorb soil and dry after spreading. Remaining dried solid shows areas
to be wiped.