Fluorescent whitening agent

Product that attaches to fabrics to create a whitening or brightening effect when exposed to daylight.

Floor polish/finish

Removable coating that enhances the appearance and protects the surface
to which it is applied.


Product that destroys fungi.


Ingredient that provides a pleasant odour to clothes and rooms.

Floor machine

Term widely used to refer to the standard rotary brush machine used in many floor care operations, including stripping, scrubbing, buffing, and spray buffing.

Furniture cleaner and/or polisher

Products with principal ingredients such as silicone fluids and a wax, often a so-called microcrystalline wax. A hydrocarbon solvent helps remove oily stains and some wax build-up. Furniture cleaners-polishers can be formulated as water-in-oil or oil-in-water emulsions. An emulsion stabilizer is present in both to prevent the product from separating into two layers. Fragrance and colour round out the formulation.

Floor care product

Product that contains water as the carrier for small particles of wax such as polyethylene and polymers such as polyacrylate. For wood or cork flooring, a solvent acts as the carrier for wax particles, such as those of natural carnauba wax especially effective in providing a pleasing shine and a hard finish.


Ingredient that adds smell, colour, viscosity, etc.

Film remover

Product that removes build-up of hard water film and cloudiness from dishes
and the interior of the dishwasher. They are used instead of an automatic dishwasher detergent in a separate cycle or together with the detergent.