ingredient that neutralizes or adjusts the alkalinity of other ingredients. Some specialty cleaners need extra acidity to remove mineral build-up.

Antiredeposition agent

Substance that prevents soil from resettling after removal during washing.


Ingredient that neutralizes or adjusts acidity of other ingredients; makes surfactants and builders more efficient; and increases alkalinity, which is useful in removing acidic, fatty and oily soils. Detergents are more effective when they are alkaline.


Product that destroys algae.


Product that destroys bacteria.


Product that destroys or inhibit growth of micro- organisms that cause diseases and/or odour.

Auto scrubber

Three-in-one machine that applies a controlled amount of cleaning solution on the floor surface, scrubs the surface with brushes or pads, and vacuums up the solution—all in one pass.

Active ingredient

The ingredient in a product that is responsible for the product’s function.

Abrasive cleaner

Cleaner that comes in powder and liquid form and contains a kind of builtin elbow grease, which helps cut down on the hard rubbing required to remove soil. Products are designed to remove relatively heavy amounts of soil.

Asphalt tile

Flooring material made of asbestos fibres, pigments and inert fillers bound together with an asphalt or resin binder. Usually 9” x 9” in size. Oils and solvents should be avoided on all types.