Facial Tissue

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INO gloss 2

INO gloss 2

PRESTIGE floor finish / sealer 32% solids

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INO shine 103

INO shine 103


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Ice melter (3)

Ice melter

Ice melter

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INSTINCT Chemical Solutions (14)

INSTINCT Chemical Solutions

Multiple Use Cleaners

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INSTINCT Dispensers (14)

INSTINCT Dispensers

Entire line of dispensers

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Other cleaners (1)

Other cleaners

Other cleaners

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Brooms and dust pans (1)

Brooms and dust pans

Brooms, corn brooms and dust pans

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Security gloves (1)

Security gloves

Security gloves by Medicom

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INO aero (16)

INO aero

Aerosol and spray cleaning products.

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INO bano (10)

INO bano

Cleaning products for bathrooms, restrooms and lavatories.

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INO bio (14)

INO bio

Biological and biotechnological cleaning products.

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INO chef (21)

INO chef

Cleaning products for kitchen and restaurants.

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INO derm (30)

INO derm

Foam soap dispensing systems, hand soaps and sanitizers, hair and body shampoo.

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INO eko (14)

INO eko

Ecological cleaning products line and solutions for green cleaning.

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INO gloss (16)

INO gloss

Floor finishes, pads and cleaning products for commercial floor maintenance.

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INO gloss pads (25)

INO gloss pads

Complete line of floor pads & sponges for floor care and maintenance.

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INO olfa (16)

INO olfa

Odour control dispensers and refills for deodorizers and air purifiers.

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INO fiber (3)

INO fiber

Cleaning products for fabric

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INO Shine (10)

INO Shine

Automotive cleaning solution

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INO Wash (3)

INO Wash

Cleaning products for laundry

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INO jet (2)

INO jet

Dilution control systems for cleaning and floor maintenance products.

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INO quip (8)

INO quip

Vacuums, hand dryers and other maintenance and sanitary equipment.

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INO shop (9)

INO shop

Scrub hand cleaner.

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Garbage Bags (56)

Garbage Bags

Complete line of Garbage Bags

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Toilet Tissue (13)

Toilet Tissue

Complete line of toilet tissue.

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Hand roll towels (18)

Hand roll towels

Complete line of Hand roll towels.

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Facial Tissue (1)

Facial Tissue

Complete line of facial tissue.

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Kitchen Towels (1)

Kitchen Towels

Complete line of kitchen towels.

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INO Solutions sanitary products is a cleaning products and equipment family built of floor cleaners, stainless steel and glasses cleaners, ecological and biotechnological cleaning products, commercial and industrial vacuums, accessories, hand dryes and maintenance equipment for professional cleaning and sanitary maintenance.

INO Solutions is the best value on the professional hygiene solutions market and on the canadian JANSAN industry.